Have fear! Blackie’s here!

I have always loved bikes and drooled over them when ever I saw them. I rode horses when I was younger, loved going fast, bikes seem like a natural progression… less the slowing down because the horse is taking a dump.

I have finally decided this will be the year for me to dive in and get one. Restructuring my life a little and hopefully if all goes according to plan I’ll be getting my first bike in the spring (maybe summer? ). I’ve never even been on a bike in my life, so this is all very new to me. 

In the summer of 2004, when I had my 350z, a friend convinced me to come out to a lapping day with my car. Actually it didn’t take much convincing, I have always loved to drive and especially drive fast. Getting to do that at an actual track sounded like it would be fun (I didn’t even know at that time this was possible).  All it took was that couple hours at the track and I was so hooked. Signed up for my first advanced driving school the next month and one more lapping day before the season ended. 

First school of next season I no longer had the Z so I brought my CRV.  Hey, it had 4 wheels and was mechanically sound, so why the heck not.  I ended up lapping an STI on the DDT 😄.  Next I did a couple schools and lapping events in an S2000 although that’s also gone now. (I go through cars like shoes!  😜and not necessarily by choice)

I have driven all Shannonville configurations, Mosport big track and DDT, and Beavrun. I hope to visit those places on my bike one day. 

Oh yeah… and I’m only 5′ and 100lbs wet. I understand that will pose some issues in this endevour. 

Beyond learning to ride a bike and staying alive, I hope to make some good new friends along the way and hang with people with the same appreciation for going fast.

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