First official CBR125R meet and first time getting pulled over all in one day!

Shaun and I organized the first ever Toronto meet for the all new CBR125R at Woodbine and 16th.  


Running a little late as usual, I decided to take the DVP.  Unfortunately, I got pulled over on the on ramp and was told my M2 does not allow me to go on the highway.  I was under the impression that restriction was only for the 400 series highway, and didn’t think twice about it since I have already been on the 401..and at night!  Oh the horror.  

The officer told me to go ahead so that I wouldn’t have to make some weird U-turn on the ramp and just get off on the next exit.  Good thing I did.  When I exited and came to a stop at the red light, the cruiser pulled up beside me.  Buggers were making sure I did what I was told to do.

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