Bye bye KTM, hellooo CRF!

This weekend we took a drive down to Batavia Motorsports Park just outside of Buffalo, NY.  What a great way to end the season with a little supermoto riding, but there was another reason for the trip.  I have made arrangements to trade bikes with another rider.  Yes, I finally found myself a CRF150R supermoto to buy and after some discussion turns out that the seller would be interested in taking the KTM off my hands.  

Bye bye KTM!

We loaded the KTM on the truck for the last time.  I didn’t ride the KTM, perhaps it was for the better.  I spent the morning watching the other riders and being a shutter bug.  I will miss that beast but at the same time I’m so relieved to finally have a more manageable bike underneath me.  A bike on which I can actually stop any where I wish to!  What a concept!

The first time out on the CRF was, well, weird.  I was so used to the long, powerful gears on the KTM every time the CRF hit the rev limiter it almost caught me by surprise.  What, it’s time to change the gear already?  But I just did that!  It also took a few laps to get used to the sheer size difference and the ease of steering the bike.  It felt like I just had to think to turn and I was already turning, this called for some riding style adjustment.  I took turns following and being followed by my friend Donovan who offered feedback and advice on my riding.  It was a fun day for all who came out.  

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