Time to get new gear

What girl doesn’t love shopping? I have’t really been completely happy with my Dainese M4 suit.  I originally got the 2 piece because I wanted the added flexibility of being able to wear it at a track day or out on the streets.  Since I no longer ride on the street, that’s now a moot point.  A one piece suit would be safer on the track and the faster I’m going the more I think about having good quality equipment around me.   Perforated leather would also be very nice on those super hot summer days.  I figured I could get myself a nice new one piece suit for the road track and use my current one when I ride the supermoto.  Not to mention I’ve actually been told by people on multiple occasions next time I should buy a better looking suit.  Granted, the suit is there to protect, but those comments speak something about the suit’s lack of good looks.  

Now, that being said, somewhat of an oddity happened while I was attending the Toronto December Motorcycle Show.  I found an off the rack one piece women’s suit that almost fit me and was actually designed with the female racer in mind.  I saw the pretty white suit hanging there in the booth belonging to Eurocorsa Performance.  It cought my eye with its stylish yet racy looks and the fact it looked.. well.. small.  Could it possibly?  After a brief discussion about sizing I was off to the nearby washroom with said suit hanging over my arm expecting to walk back saying “I told you it wouldn’t fit”.  I couldn’t believe it as I was putting the suit on, it fit almost perfectly or at least not grotesquely oversized like so many other off the rack suits I have tried.  This white perforated Spidi Lady Lizard Pro suit, complete with a hump and knee sliders, was designed for a woman rider and not only was it beautiful, it was made with safety in mind.  

Photo: The Spidi Lady Lizard Pro suit in white

Upon further more detailed inspection however we did realize unfortunately that the suit did not fit quite so perfectly.  The proportions of arms and legs wasn’t quite right and as a result the armor that should have been sitting directly over my knees and elbows was off enough that it would not do it’s job during a crash.  As close as this was, a custom suit would have to be ordered.  Either way I was still very impressed with the amount of protection and details on this suit and seeing myself in the mirror just convinced me that yes, I want a new suit!I will definetly be looking more into this suit.  

I have also read that Dainese has released a new women’s suit and I must say I like it much better then the overly girly Lady Yu suit.  The new suit is called Dominia and is part of the new products release for 2009.  It has very clean yet sporty styling.  I will be looking into getting a custom sized one.  

Photo: The new Dainese Domina suit, front view

Shopping splurges aside, I do need a new pair of gloves.  I’ve had my current pair of RST Pilot gloves from TopEndz since I started riding and they have been through a few crashes.  As much as I love these gloves, it’s time to replace them.  I remember how hard of a time I had last time looking for a woman’s glove with adequate protection.  Things like tassels and sparkles seem to take priority in women’s motorcycle wear over things like armor and other protective features.  Let’s see how things go this time around.  Perhaps the manufacturers have come out with a few products that won’t get a laugh out of me.

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