Whitey goes out for suspension work

We took the bikes up to John Sharrard of Accelerated Technologies.  Whitey’s suspension is going to get set up for me as well we’re hoping John can lower the bike maybe an inch or so.  I’m not sure how much height he can take off the bike without having significant effect on the bike’s handling etc, but at this point I’ll take any little bit.  I sat on the bike and we measured my feet were about 3” off the ground.  Granted, I can always scoot off to one side and tipy-toe with one leg like I had to at Calabogie last year.  However that was very tiring and nerve wrecking.  I was scared shitless about riding the bike in the pits in case I had to slow down or stop, plus once I got on the track it took about half a lap before my leg would stop shaking from supporting the bike while waiting my turn to be let on the track.

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