Whitey is back and a little different

John managed to get a 2″ drop on the bike!  I sat on the bike and could actually touch the ground with both feet, it was such an unreal and yet amazing feeling!  I didn’t want to get off the bike.  Now I really can’t wait to get on that bike and ride it.  I felt a million times more comfortable sitting on that bike then I have on any other bike.  Being able to touch the ground is so confidence inspiring, I didn’t even imagine it would make that drastic of a difference.  

For any short rider who is thinking about getting their bike lowered I definitely recommend it. 

That aside, with the bike being so low I am a little concerned about any of the lower fairings getting scraped up.  We’ll just have to see what happens. 

Also, the suspension  is finally responding to me.  I can finally compress the suspension with my weight.

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